Squaretangle Syndicate

Undead Visit with A clay man

The next room is no better than last. Upon the entering, the Syndicate’s noses are assaulted with the smell of dead folk. From around the corner of the room, undead zombies appear. The group splits up, Kerberos and Vulna taking one of the corridors while Dojo and Chaka take the other.

Dojo and Chaka make short work of the Zombie Brute and minions on their side, using techniques to keep too many undead from surrounding Dojo

Vulna and Kerberos are slightly outnumbered in their corridor as the undead surround them. Suddenly from around the corner, appears a Clay humanoid that starts attacking the Syndicate members also. Vulna channels her divine power to punish the undead for making their appearance. The Clay humanoid displays intellect by detecting that the battle is not in his favor and attempts to bolt.

Dojo and Chaka finish their side of the fight. Suddenly from the other corridor, Dojo hears a call for his might. He dashes to the other side as fast as he can in time to see a fleeing combatant. Knowing the fleeing combatant must be brought down, he summons forth adrenal energy and lands a killing blow to the creature.

The rest of the undead fall easily to the divine might that is Dojo and Vulna, to the psionic capabilities of Kerberos and to the charismatic influence of Chaka, the Mellifluous.

Investigation into a crevice in the right most wall leads Dojo to discover a room full of decaying corpses. Amid the filth, he finds a bag of holding for the party and some treasure in the form of currency.



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