Squaretangle Syndicate


After a harrowing battle with a Gelatinous Cube, the Syndicate ventures into the next room where they are greeted by a large warrior stature 20 feet tall in the center of the room and 2 smaller dragon statues in 2 corners. Ever perceptive, Vulna detects that the dust in the room has been disturbed. Carefully, the group treads towards the statue. Suddenly, the large warrior statue swings its large sword in a great arc and catches some of the Syndicate in its path. The group, on alert now, splits into various parts of the room.

Dojo heads towards the dragon statues in the corners to investigate. After finding nothing at one, he moves on to the next only to be caught in a spurt of force spewed from the dragon statue’s mouth.
Kerberos, ever brave, marches across the room to the opposite side to investigate a smaller side room filled with 4 statues in each corner and a door. Immediately upon entering the room, a magic barrier is brought into existence behind him, sealing Kerberos in the room. The 4 statues are cherubs holding vases as if they’re being poured. Water starts to pour from the vases and it is soon apparent that it has nowhere to go.
Vulna walks behind the giant warrior statue to find cover from the swinging sword, while Chaka remains prone to increase the warrior statue’s chance of missing.
After being blasted by the dragon statue and seeing Kerberos get stuck in the side room, Dojo walks to the magic barrier and attacks it. He is not successful and eventually leans forward against the wall to watch his friend struggle.
Kerberos goes to each cherub statue and destroys the vase it has in a frantic attempt to stop the water from filling his small enclosed chamber.
Vulna attempts to use her arcane will to disable the dragon statues.
Chaka is still prone on the ground and also attempting to disable the dragon statue through force of will.
Kerberos has destroyed 3 vases when the water reaches his hip level. Suddenly a whirlpool forms in the middle of the room and sweeps Kerberos off his feet and batters him around the room. Upon seeing Kerberos in trouble, Vulna uses magic to break the final vase and save Kerberos. The water recedes into the floor even though no exit is visible. The Syndicate gathers itself before entering the next room.


HAHA Chaka, the Melliflulous


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