Squaretangle Syndicate

An Interrupted Ritual

The Syndicate, feeling no fatigue yet, goes through the door from the undead room and appears in a smaller room with 3 doors against the other walls. Quietly listening tells the group that beyond of these doors are a number of people chanting. Following Dojo’s unexplainable gut feeling to go to the left door seems to lead to apparent safety. The room is empty and much larger than the previous room. There is another door to the group’s right. The group goes through this door and right into the face of battle.

The room is huge, with an alter to a demon of Orcus. Blood flows from the altar around the in a large smoke ring shape towards a grate which it pours down. On the Altar is a robed figure chanting to a god. Around the perimeter of the ring are 3 glowing stones upon pedestals. Two humans seems to be channeling to the stones.

Facing the Syndicate are 5 Female Vampires. Immediately the 2 human around the glowing stones reveal themselves to be berserkers and join the fray. Kerberos takes the right flank and shows the berserkers just what it means to be a dragonborn. Dojo fends off the Vampires and shows them his divine presence. From the shadows emerges a half human who quickly rushes Dojo with stabs and slashes. Chaka’s insults fall upon deaf hears; He cannot seem to make the female vampires insecure. Valna channels her deity’s divine presence and forsakes the female vampires to their 2nd death. Kerberos continues out-maneuvering the berserkers but still receives damage. The robed figure from the altar joins the battle by empowering the berserkers. Dojo finally lays down the half human, after being duped by tricky footwork and quick slices of the enemy’s sword. Kerberos receives healing from Chaka and Valna. Dojo joins Kerberos in bringing down the berserkers. Together, the berserkers fall, even if they are empowered by the robed figure. Chaka’s insults and confusing battle maneuvers contribute to the success. The robed figure is flanked and brought to Justice by the Syndicate.



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