Squaretangle Syndicate

Story So Far...

The Squaretangle Syndicate decided that they had waited long enough for their former mentor to return from his dragon tomb excursion. They knew he mentioned it being near a town called Winterhaven, and set off for the town.

On the road to Winterhaven!
What Happened

The party was attacked by a small group of kobolds on their way to Winterhaven. The kobolds were defeated by the group.


The group gained 475 XP from the encounter. Each party member gained 95 XP.


The kobolds had 34sp.


As the Syndicate neared the entrance to Winterhaven, a guard made a comment that Kerberos did not enjoy. Luckily, Dojo Tottle was able to calm him down and convince him to let the slight go.

The Syndicate then headed to the Inn. Upon entering the Inn, they were greeted by the Innkeeper, Sylvana. Valna, noted that there was a table open but was reserved. While still talking with Sylvana, A man entered the room with guards and all the inn patrons gave the man a sign of respect. The man also gave a slight look in the Syndicate’s direction and continued on his way sitting in the same reserved table that Valna had seen upon entering.

When asking Sylvana about Douven Stahl, she directed the Syndicate to Eilian the Old. Kerberos bought a drink for Lord Padraig and other patrons. Valna tried to talk with Ninaran, but she didn’t want to talk. Meanwhile, The Syndicate talked to Eilian and was informed about Douven heading to the burial site southwest of Winterhaven. Eilian also talks about Lord Padraig, Valthrun the Prescient and Thair Coalstriker. The group then respectfully approached Lord Padraig. Questioning Lord Padraig about the whereabouts of Douven also told the Syndicate that Douven was last known to be at the burial site. Lord Padraig then offered a job for the Syndicate.

Winterhaven has recently been getting attacked more and more by Kobolds and he asked that once the Syndicate was done with their quest to find Douven, that maybe they could help get rid of the Kobolds. The syndicate respectfully took the job and approached Valthrun. Valthrun gave the same story about Douven and also said he knew of the town’s growing kobold problem. He then asked the group to return later once they got stronger. Valthrun said he may have more work for us, should we prove to be worthy.

With that information, The Syndicate headed towards the burial site southwest of town.

Kerberos and Dojo looked to see if the guard on the palisade was still there. He was not.

NPCs you met:

  • Sylvana Wrafton
  • Lord Padraig
  • Eilian the Old
  • Valthrun the Prescient
  • Ninaran

NPCs you heard of:

  • Thair Coalstriker
Kobold Ambush
What Happened

The party was ambushed on the way to the burial site.


The group gained 625 XP from the encounter. Each party member gained 125 XP.


The kobolds had 5gp and 23sp.

The party also found the Libra Goggles

Libra Goggles
Head slot
Encounter Power – Minor Action: Determine a creature’s Max and current HP.

Burial Site Brawl

After defeating the kobolds, the Syndicate was able to reach the burial site. Unfortunately, once they got there, they saw that a number of people were digging around the site with what looked to be a gnome, some humans, a couple of drakes, and an apparition.

The gnome, seeing the Syndicate’s entrance, came up to the group and struck up conversation. When inquiring about Douven Stahl, Dojo had the feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

It was then that the Gnome, Agrid, and the rest ATTACKED!

Making short work of the enemies, The Syndicate was able to find Douven who was bound under a blanket. He thanked the adventurers for saving him and gave them an Amulet. Excavating the area, they were also able to find a mirror. Kerberos was able to appraise the mirror and estimate that it would be about 500g. The gang hurried back to the town excitedly with Kerberos carrying the mirror high up over his head.

Return to Winterhaven

The Syndicate entered Winterhaven, mirror in tow, and made a beeline straight to Valthrun’s tower. Upon reaching the top of the tower, the Syndicate read a sign that said “Ring bell for assistance.” Kerberos rang the bell and Valthrun immediately appeared in front of them. The mirror was then presented to Valthrun and he was almost beside himself with excitement.

Apparently, this mirror might have had historical importance and might be JUST the thing he was looking for. He offered 550g to the Syndicate. Chaka wondered if they could sell the mirror for more and said so to Valthrun. Valthrun gave a reasonable argument and the group decided to sell the mirror with Valthrun promising to tell the Syndicate more of what he discovered about the mirror once his suspicions were confirmed.

After that, the group visited the inn once again. Spotting Douven, the adventurers sat with him and asked about the search for dragon treasure and what happened to him. Hearing nothing useful, they proceeded to sing and dance and was even able to get Eilian the Old to dance with them. With that, the Syndicate took a rest.

The following morning, they began the extermination of Kobolds as Lord Padraig had requested.

Wherein the Syndicate learns of Kobold Accuracy

On the way to the suspected Kobold lair, The Syndicate were in a forested area with tree lines and a waterfall that created a river that divided the area in half. Through the trees, the Syndicate was able to spot a large amount of Kobolds and a power circle on the ground.

The battle started and, as usual, Kerberos rushed to the bulk of enemies. as two Kobolds threw their set of javelins and missed, Kerberos laughed and mocked the “Wannabe Dragonborn”. Unbeknownst to him, three more javelins sailed towards him and missed and barely dented his armor. He laughed some more and the party began the attack.

Notable manuevers:

  • Chaka was able to manuever a Dragonshield Kobold towards Dojo
  • Dayereth rushed at a slinger Kobold with a longsword and just grazed him. Everyone shook their heads
  • Valna healed the party like no other
  • Kerberos’ Dragonbreath cleared a large number of enemies.

With the battle done, They noted that the power circle’s center seemed to contain some items.

Within, they found a guitar for Chaka. After a short rest, the heroes also noted that the waterfall was hiding an entrance to a cave. With a smile across his face, Kerberos ran through with the rest of the syndicate close behind.

Irontooth? More like SUPER WEAK Irontooth!

As Kerberos ran through the waterfall, he ran smack-dab into more kobolds! They were able to land hits against him but Kerberos was far from out. The party soon joined him and the Syndicate found themselves in another battle.

The Syndicate was able to make short work of the first wave, but as they began to take care of the final enemy, they heard more movement up ahead. Talk of a creature called “Irontooth” was heard. The final enemy then ran back to the movement and the party was greeted with a Wyrm Priest and some more Kobolds featuring a Goblin named Irontooth who wielded two axes.

Immediately, Valna cast a spell that reduced the damage that he would do, but it was still a hard fought battle. The Kobolds were quite shifty but eventually they were killed. During the altercation, Kerberos was knocked unconscious.Fortunately, he woke up rather quickly and proceeded to take revenge on the other enemies. Irontooth proved that his name should have been “Coppertooth” or some lesser metal when he didn’t do too well attacking anybody. Party emerged victorious slaying all the kobolds.

Searching around, they were able to find treasure and a note off of Irontooth’s body that warned of Kalarel’s plot and a spy in the town. With this information, the Syndicate headed straight to town.

Chaka Accuses Every Single NPC and Many Insight Checks Are Rolled

As the Syndicate entered the town, Chaka was arguing the virtues of telling anybody about the spy. Kerberos argued with him vehemently as they entered Lord Padraig’s estate. Lord Padraig was happy to see them and threw a bag of gold their way. The Syndicate took it and then questioned him about Kalarel and the Orkus cult. Chaka distrusted Lord Padraig and watched him carefully. Despite that, he found nothing to accuse Padraig and Chaka decided that it must be Valthrun that is the spy. Padraig defended Valthrun but he was thankful for the Syndicate telling him of the spy. Chaka continued to talk badly and Kerberos dragged Chaka out of the Lord’s dining hall.

Once that was over, They proceeded to Valthrun’s tower to see what he may know. As The Syndicate entered, Valthrun excitedly met them and began to tell the history of the mirror. Apparently , the mirror was supposed to help Kalarel open the rift at Shadowfell keep outside of town to allow Orkus to come into the world once again. With that, the Syndicate also showed him the note they found about the spy. Valthrun had no idea who the spy could be, but they were told they should head to Shadowfell keep.

Chaka watched Valthrun closely but still could not see anything wrong with him. The Syndicate thanked Valthrun and stopped by the shop to buy health potions. Then, They visited the inn and talked to Sylvana, the innkeeper, about any suspicious persons. She talked about Ninaran and that she had left this morning. The group then went on a search for Ninaran that ranged from the inn to the gates, then the barracks, then back to the gates. They could not find her. And decided it was best to head to Shadowfell Keep

Squaretangle Syndicate receives a warm welcome

The group entered Shadowfell Keep and found themselves in a dark, descending stairwell. Carefully, they acquiesced to walk down the stairs. At the foot, right before sight of the room caught the groups eyes, perception checks enabled Syndicate to hear a chittering, squealing noise. Kerberos made mention that it was the sound of rats, giant rats. At the foot of the stairs, a javelin flew past Kerberos. Immediately, the launcher of those javelins were noticed and Kerberos charged straight into battle as is his custom. Ten feet into the room, his quick reflexes prevented him from dropping through a large cloth floor into a pit filled with rats. The goblins mocked Kerberos.

This first room had three hallways leading from it, each pointed in a different cardinal direction. The hallway to the group’s left had one goblin, the hallway in front had two goblin and the hallway to the group’s right had one goblin. The goblin to the left and the right engaged the group. Kerberos defended the left flank but Valna was on the right flank and didn’t like her position. Dojo endeavored to maneuver himself in front of Valna for her defense. Dayereth started firing magic missiles at the goblin to the left. With the group’s focus, the left offense gave way to the might that is the Squaretangle Syndicate. Dojo engaged the right flank and with his masterful focus on solo fights, made quick work of the goblin there. The group surged past the pit and engaged the attackers to our front. Chaka ventured down the left hallway. After a few attacks in the front and a death, the remaining goblin fled up the hallway and took a turn to the left. Kerberos and Dayereth pursued and charged through a door only to be met with more enemies. More deaths here led the only two remaining goblins to flee from Kerberos and Dayereth. One fled down a hallway that connected with Chaka but Chaka was not able to stop him in time. Dojo noticed the small creature running past him and with his singular control of lone enemies, prevented the goblin’s escape. Dayereth shot a few more magic missiles. The other remaining goblin fled past Chaka and to the left, continuing down the hallway. The group pursued the screaming goblin down a staircase and into an area that looked like it was being excavated. The Squaretangle Syndicate decided to turn back, gather strength and re-assess the situation.

The group noticed in the room opposite from the staircase they descended down, there were two hay goblin beds. Dojo hatched a plan to tie these hay beds into spheres, set them alight and watch as they terrorize enemies. This plan was replaced with a more down to earth plan to throw hay at our enemies and have Dayereth light it on fire. Dojo gathered the hay beds in their sheets and slung them over his back. The Squaretangle Syndicate ventured down the hallway to meet their next challenge.

Group Rewards:
675 Experience points. 45 Gold pieces. 53 Silver pieces.


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