Fargrim Flathammer

Dwarf Ranger


Fargrim is a member of the Flathammer clan, based mainly in the city of Hammerfast in the Nentir Vale. Hammerfast is an interesting city, mainly because a treaty made by two gods, Moradin and Gruumsh, normally the most fervent of enemies, causes dwarves to live peacefully with a temple of Gruumsh inside the city.

The Flathammers, as their name suggests, choose hammers as their weapons. Not all Flathammers are warriors. Some are craftsmen, politicians, shopkeeps, and the like, and Flathammer representatives can be found in all of the city’s major guilds. Young Flathammers showing potential are urged to train in combat, usually martial, but sometimes not. Masters of rune magic, giant mordenkrad-wielders, and even masters of the throwing hammer have come from the Flathammer clan. The Flathammer clan is known in and around Hammerfast, and all adult Flathammers are given and traditionally wear a necklace with the Flathammer insignia—two hammers with their heads together.

Being a peculiarly dexterous dwarf, his elders taught him to fight with a hammer in each hand, rather than with a shield. Since a young age, the Flathammer masters would strap increasingly heavy rocks to Fargrim’s wrists to condition his arms to wield his hammers as fast as an elf wields a blade.

Hammerfast is not in a state of war, so the main way for the Flathammers to show their warriors’ prowess is exhibition combat. Once a year, all the great fighters of Hammerfast and the Nentir Vale fight in a tournament outside the city held by the priests of Gruumsh, called the Festival of the Eye. Fargrim was in one of the lower skill brackets, and accidentally injured a competitor, eventually causing his death, even though the match was only aimed to incapacitate the component. Such events are known to happen at the Festival, but Fargrim felt extremely concerned. Part of the Treaty between Moradin and Gruumsh states that priests of Moradin and Gruumsh are not to attack each other, and although Fargrim was not a divine warrior, the Flathammers are mostly devout disciples of Moradin. Fargrim decided to voluntarily exile himself to avoid any trouble that the event might cause for his clan in the city.

Fargrim wears his Flathammer necklace at all times, but usually under his armor and clothes. He does not attempt to use his clan’s name to gain respect, although affluent minds and citizens of Hammerfast will have recollections of the many great Flathammer warriors. Fargrim always affixes leather loops to the ends of his hammer hafts, and keeps them hanging from his wrists in all but the most peaceful of places. He does not need his wrists through the loops to use his hammers effectively, but he prefers them, both because of his training methods, and because flicking his arms to spin the hammers up to his grasp became somewhat of a signature mannerism of his. Sometimes he will even attack in such a way to catch enemies off-guard.

Fargrim Flathammer

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