Dojo Tottle


Level 3

Ability Stats

Strength 11 0
Constitution 12 1
Dexterity 14 2
Intelligence 16 3
Wisdom 18 4
Charisma 8 -1


AC 17 11 3 3 0 0 0 0
FORT 13 11 1 1 0 0 0 0
REF 15 11 3 1 0 0 0 0
WILL 16 11 4 1 0 0 0 0

Hit Points

Max HPBloodiedSurge ValueSurges/Day
43 21 10 8


Basic Information:

Isolating Avenger. A good guy. Looks out for his friends. Gets a rush from seeing evil fall. Not afraid to take a hit to let a friend live. Not afraid to get the fuck knocked out by a two headed ogre mage, and get almost decapitated while hanging on hooks, unconscious, for a narcissistic half-elf bard.

Interview with Dojo:

Who am I?

The answer to that question is not something that your mortal mind can even comprehend.

What do I mean?

In that finite space that is your mind, how can you grasp the knowledge and experience that is garnered from a nearly infinite series of lifetimes? The question of who I am would take nearly so long tell, the stars would tire of shining before I finished. I have experienced life a thousand upon a thousand times over and never have I sickened of it.
Although I stand apart from other races in my sentience, I still have experienced everything you have, only to so much stronger degrees. For every time you have loved with a burning passion, I have loved with a burning passion that is stronger. Each smile that ever spoke happiness upon your face is only one smile to my tens of thousands. Every memory you think marks you unique is a memory duplicated in my consciousness across multitudes of lives. If you could split the motivational energy I have expended across a continent worth of people, each person could then proceed to move the tallest of mountains. All of the injuries of flesh sustained by all the beings in the largest of wars will not compare to the number of injuries any of my flesh has sustained throughout my tenure in reality. Tears I have shed would fill a sea that you could sail across for centuries and never find land. I fear I have tried in vain to answer your question but perhaps you have the slightest sparkle of comprehension. How I measure who I am is not the same as how you would measure who you are.

Ah, now you question the truth of my answer. That is only natural for a mortal creature like yourself. If I speak with condescension, it is only because I have been asked these questions all too many times.

Now, your next question is a little more reasonable. What am I?

Allow me to enlighten you with a granule of knowledge and, indeed, it is a granule compared to all the knowledge that I have ever held. The closest comparison for your understanding is that I am of a different race. Like a dwarf is different from an elf, so am I different from you in that aspect. You may call me a member of the Deva race which is a collection of souls from the Astral Sea born into flesh capsules. Even as rare and as unique a Deva is, I am unique of my kind. Devas choose to bind themselves into mortal flesh, to propagate the influence of their Gods. I did not choose to be flesh. Instead, I was cast into your plane of existence by my god and awoke inside flesh. I was not given a reason for my birth into flesh. I can only assume I was chosen for a special purpose that has not made itself known to me. I do not resent my god for his choice. I just walk the path that is laid out before me.

Whom did I serve?

You mean to ask: Who do I serve? I still serve him to this day although it has been much too long since I have seen him. The God who created me is Bahamut himself.

Dojo Tottle

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