Dayereth Endyer

An Eladrin Wizard, and a follower of the Raven Queen

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“Death is inevitable, and I am but her implement.”

Back Story

Earlier in his life, as a follower of Corellon, Dayereth was a scholar of the arcane arts, researching in a sanctum of the Spiral Tower. During his studies, his close friend, Kilden Nadale, turned onto the darker arts of necromancy for power. He utilized the undead and the power of Orcus in order to capture the sanctum and use the living lives there as sacrifices to appease his new God. As Kilden plunged his sword into Dayereth’s, Dayereth blacked out and heard a soft voice…

“It is not yet your time… Return, and serve your new Queen!

At that instant, Dayereth returned, a new breath of life within him. He pulled the sword from his own chest, and proceeded to use his arcane powers to rid the sanctum of the undead. Now with his old friend before him, he knew what he had to do. As a favor to the Raven Queen who spared him, he quickly sent Kilden to meet her for judgement.

Afterwards, as the sole survivor of the sanctum, he headed out to continue upholding the Raven Queen’s law.

“You shall continue here as my weapon against those who would escape death.”

“Yes, my Queen…”

From then on, Dayereth has become a loyal follower of the Raven Queen, quickly sending those who attempt to escape fate to his Lady.


“None of us can escape fate… and now soon you will be nothing but dust, lost to history itself.”

  1. Destroy those who tempt fate and gain immortality.
  2. Help with the correct procession of death and assistance to those who shall soon meet the Raven Queen.
  3. Fight against the rise of Orcus, the Prince of the Undeed.
  4. Follow the commands of the Raven Queen.

Dayereth Endyer

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