Squaretangle Syndicate

Wizards With Longswords Aren't Stealthy Enough For Boss Hob

Deciding to explore the next area, the Syndicate was greeted with a hall that had a door on the left side and one straight ahead. From where the group was standing, they could hear goblin voices. Dayereth had used an ability to allow him to comprehend goblin. Thinking that wizards are clothy and should be very quiet. The Syndicate allowed him to go on ahead and try to listen in on the goblins. As Dayereth pressed his head up to the door, he heard this:

I think I heard someone at the door!

The door burst open and a goblin stabbed Dayereth with a javelin. As the door opened, Dayereth saw four goblin sharpshooters, including the one that stabbed him, and a Hobgoblin who seemed to be the Boss Hob of the goblins. Unfortunately, Boss Hob struck at Dayereth with a hot poker before the rest of the Syndicate was able to react. It was a difficult situation and Dayereth was knocked out by the onslaught, but it did open up the way for Kerberos and Dojo to start laying waste to goblins. As those two were busy, Valna and Chaka were able to revive and heal Dayereth. With the entire party up and running, they were able to beat the goblins and Boss Hob. Looking through their possessions, they were able to find treasure and a key. They went to the adjacent room of the battle, which turned out to be a torture chamber, and were greeted with a prison room. Meeting a goblin named Splug, he offered to serve them in order for freedom.



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