Squaretangle Syndicate


As the Syndicate neared the entrance to Winterhaven, a guard made a comment that Kerberos did not enjoy. Luckily, Dojo Tottle was able to calm him down and convince him to let the slight go.

The Syndicate then headed to the Inn. Upon entering the Inn, they were greeted by the Innkeeper, Sylvana. Valna, noted that there was a table open but was reserved. While still talking with Sylvana, A man entered the room with guards and all the inn patrons gave the man a sign of respect. The man also gave a slight look in the Syndicate’s direction and continued on his way sitting in the same reserved table that Valna had seen upon entering.

When asking Sylvana about Douven Stahl, she directed the Syndicate to Eilian the Old. Kerberos bought a drink for Lord Padraig and other patrons. Valna tried to talk with Ninaran, but she didn’t want to talk. Meanwhile, The Syndicate talked to Eilian and was informed about Douven heading to the burial site southwest of Winterhaven. Eilian also talks about Lord Padraig, Valthrun the Prescient and Thair Coalstriker. The group then respectfully approached Lord Padraig. Questioning Lord Padraig about the whereabouts of Douven also told the Syndicate that Douven was last known to be at the burial site. Lord Padraig then offered a job for the Syndicate.

Winterhaven has recently been getting attacked more and more by Kobolds and he asked that once the Syndicate was done with their quest to find Douven, that maybe they could help get rid of the Kobolds. The syndicate respectfully took the job and approached Valthrun. Valthrun gave the same story about Douven and also said he knew of the town’s growing kobold problem. He then asked the group to return later once they got stronger. Valthrun said he may have more work for us, should we prove to be worthy.

With that information, The Syndicate headed towards the burial site southwest of town.

Kerberos and Dojo looked to see if the guard on the palisade was still there. He was not.

NPCs you met:

  • Sylvana Wrafton
  • Lord Padraig
  • Eilian the Old
  • Valthrun the Prescient
  • Ninaran

NPCs you heard of:

  • Thair Coalstriker



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