Squaretangle Syndicate

Wherein the Syndicate learns of Kobold Accuracy

On the way to the suspected Kobold lair, The Syndicate were in a forested area with tree lines and a waterfall that created a river that divided the area in half. Through the trees, the Syndicate was able to spot a large amount of Kobolds and a power circle on the ground.

The battle started and, as usual, Kerberos rushed to the bulk of enemies. as two Kobolds threw their set of javelins and missed, Kerberos laughed and mocked the “Wannabe Dragonborn”. Unbeknownst to him, three more javelins sailed towards him and missed and barely dented his armor. He laughed some more and the party began the attack.

Notable manuevers:

  • Chaka was able to manuever a Dragonshield Kobold towards Dojo
  • Dayereth rushed at a slinger Kobold with a longsword and just grazed him. Everyone shook their heads
  • Valna healed the party like no other
  • Kerberos’ Dragonbreath cleared a large number of enemies.

With the battle done, They noted that the power circle’s center seemed to contain some items.

Within, they found a guitar for Chaka. After a short rest, the heroes also noted that the waterfall was hiding an entrance to a cave. With a smile across his face, Kerberos ran through with the rest of the syndicate close behind.


Let this be a lesson to Dayereth:

Don’t play with pointy metal sticks if you can’t dish out the damage.


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