Squaretangle Syndicate

What is this? Hay??? Who throws hay in a battle?

As the group crept slowly down the stairs, they were greeted to a hall with a staircase to their right. For some reason, they were compelled to not go down it. instead they continued down the hall and heard goblin voices arguing. Looking into the room, the Syndicate was presented with what looked to be an excavation site. There were four goblins with the one goblin that had escaped the initial battle arguing with another. There were also two guard drakes watching over the other goblins who were digging.

With the group ready, Dayereth stepped into the room and sent a magic missile to end the wounded goblin. Dropping dead, the other three goblins sprang up and began to throw Alchemist fire into the group. While Kerberos was able to move to a ramp, blocking the only way up to the Syndicate’s area, Dojo and the rest of the group were hurting from the fire. The Syndicate saw their chance though, when the goblins and guard drakes seemed to have bunched together in the dig area below. Dojo hurled the hay onto the menacing group below and Dayereth ignited the hay. The goblins and drakes regretted their grouping.

It was a long battle, but eventually with some amazing maneuvers such as Dojo knocking a plank that a goblin was standing down onto the dig area, the goblins were defeated. One goblin, Gribble, still stood and offered a “shiny” to the group if the Syndicate only spared his life. After much convincing and argument, they agreed and Gribble gave them a holy symbol that was appraised for about 1000g. Chaka felt bad for Gribble, but none of his encouragement affected the goblin. It left and the Syndicate went off to explore the rest of the underground keep.



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