Squaretangle Syndicate

Update on the pyramid of Shadows: Day 1

Greetings Chaka’s Diary,

I know you identify your owner by the adroit grace that is brushed upon your pages. I also know that you don’t recognize the owner of the stroke that currently decorates you. I am not Chaka. Before you panic, he is still alive and still your owner, even though his neglect of you is apparent by counting the number of blank pages contained within you. So who am I and why am I writing in you? I am Dojo Tottle, amateur bard extraordinaire, and I come to fill you with knowledge so that others who find this diary past our demise will know of our struggles and, perhaps, finish what we started.

Where to start? We’re on the 3rd day (out of 7) and we haven’t even breached the first level of this stinking pyramid of shadows. The enemies here focus on battle techniques that are more debilitating then damaging. It’s hard to swing a sword effectively if your feet are glued to the ground. Our search for Karavakos has not been fruitful. We only found some tree bark like folk that claim Karavakos is also a prisoner of the pyramid. He doesn’t seem to be well liked by others.

Day 1: We drop down into this pit of bones. We’re not alone. There’s carrion crawlers and undead here and I forgot my first day of training and start hacking the carrion crawlers to bits. As you would expect, I start to undergo paralysis from their blood. Valna climbs out of the pit to head towards safety. But wouldn’t you know it, there’s a two headed ogre mage up there and he finds Valna absolutely ravishing (much like the rest of us do). Dayereth, our companion, teleports out of the pit using his Eladrin magic. Chaka and I mop up the carrion crawlers and get out of the pit. Ganging up on the ogre mage is not quite an option. Chaka got the attention of the Ogre mage by showing off how pretty he is (is this guy a ham or what?) but can’t take the heat. I convince the ogre mage who the fairest of them all is. However, I am completely paralyzed and knocked back into the pit and knocked unconscious. When I wake up, I’m hanging from wall hooks underneath my shoulders, with a dead ogre mage holding a decapitator blade in front of me (probably killed by Dayereth). I notice the walls are full of hooks holding heads and I realize this ogre mage had a weird fetish. Chaka is going on and on about his hair going gray,and walks past me and starts sifting through a sack on the ground while I’m bleeding to death. Dayereth is powerless to help but looking concerned. Thankfully, Valna understands my predicament and rescues me. I now have some understanding why she dislikes Chaka. Chaka pulls up a glass orb, much like a crystal ball, with a floating head in it. Only the head appears to exist ethereally in the orb. It’s a female Eladrin and she’s quite snooty. She takes a liking to Dayereth, but he doesn’t respond in kind which offsets Verellis (the woman in the orb). She dislikes Chaka, doesn’t have much of a strong opinion about me but adores Valna, who agrees to carry the orb. Verellis claims to not know much about how she ended up in a pyramid or the orb. She says she thinks her death was by the ogre mage. I suspect otherwise and advise Valna to call her out. Verellis comes clean. We forgive, forget and love.

We count our losses (which are zero so we finish this task quickly) and head down a southern facing passage. Immediately the stone architecture of the pyramid gives way to greenery and forests. We’re quite confused by this change but attribute the change to the magic of the pyramid. We follow a forest trail down alongside some shrubberies. Immediately, Valna is ambushed from behind and as we turn to face our attackers, more appear from the other side. Humanoid shapes with bark skin and wielding scythes.. A little unsettling but I swear to my god that I will kill them (the others sigh collectively). Valna proves her mettle in a tight situation. These guys are no match for the Squaretangle syndicate and soon we have more firewood than we could ever hope for. After the battle, we notice that Chaka has more gray hair and he frets about needing to waste our gold on a stylist. After three battles with no rest, we’re quite beat up (there was a battle before we entered the pyramid). We head back to the chamber the ogre mage appeared to inhabit. His corpse is gone and so is his collection of heads. That’s fine, we didn’t want to sleep in a smelly place. We rest for the night, stretch our muscles and use up all of Valna’s healing (Good thing she doesn’t charge us for this. She could make mounds of gold if she wasn’t part of the Squaretangle Syndicate but nobody ever tells her that).

That’s all for now. I’ll have to sneak another chance to write in you later.

-Dojo Tottle, Amateur Bard extraordinaire



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