Squaretangle Syndicate

Squaretangle Syndicate receives a warm welcome

The group entered Shadowfell Keep and found themselves in a dark, descending stairwell. Carefully, they acquiesced to walk down the stairs. At the foot, right before sight of the room caught the groups eyes, perception checks enabled Syndicate to hear a chittering, squealing noise. Kerberos made mention that it was the sound of rats, giant rats. At the foot of the stairs, a javelin flew past Kerberos. Immediately, the launcher of those javelins were noticed and Kerberos charged straight into battle as is his custom. Ten feet into the room, his quick reflexes prevented him from dropping through a large cloth floor into a pit filled with rats. The goblins mocked Kerberos.

This first room had three hallways leading from it, each pointed in a different cardinal direction. The hallway to the group’s left had one goblin, the hallway in front had two goblin and the hallway to the group’s right had one goblin. The goblin to the left and the right engaged the group. Kerberos defended the left flank but Valna was on the right flank and didn’t like her position. Dojo endeavored to maneuver himself in front of Valna for her defense. Dayereth started firing magic missiles at the goblin to the left. With the group’s focus, the left offense gave way to the might that is the Squaretangle Syndicate. Dojo engaged the right flank and with his masterful focus on solo fights, made quick work of the goblin there. The group surged past the pit and engaged the attackers to our front. Chaka ventured down the left hallway. After a few attacks in the front and a death, the remaining goblin fled up the hallway and took a turn to the left. Kerberos and Dayereth pursued and charged through a door only to be met with more enemies. More deaths here led the only two remaining goblins to flee from Kerberos and Dayereth. One fled down a hallway that connected with Chaka but Chaka was not able to stop him in time. Dojo noticed the small creature running past him and with his singular control of lone enemies, prevented the goblin’s escape. Dayereth shot a few more magic missiles. The other remaining goblin fled past Chaka and to the left, continuing down the hallway. The group pursued the screaming goblin down a staircase and into an area that looked like it was being excavated. The Squaretangle Syndicate decided to turn back, gather strength and re-assess the situation.

The group noticed in the room opposite from the staircase they descended down, there were two hay goblin beds. Dojo hatched a plan to tie these hay beds into spheres, set them alight and watch as they terrorize enemies. This plan was replaced with a more down to earth plan to throw hay at our enemies and have Dayereth light it on fire. Dojo gathered the hay beds in their sheets and slung them over his back. The Squaretangle Syndicate ventured down the hallway to meet their next challenge.

Group Rewards:
675 Experience points. 45 Gold pieces. 53 Silver pieces.



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