Squaretangle Syndicate

Irontooth? More like SUPER WEAK Irontooth!

As Kerberos ran through the waterfall, he ran smack-dab into more kobolds! They were able to land hits against him but Kerberos was far from out. The party soon joined him and the Syndicate found themselves in another battle.

The Syndicate was able to make short work of the first wave, but as they began to take care of the final enemy, they heard more movement up ahead. Talk of a creature called “Irontooth” was heard. The final enemy then ran back to the movement and the party was greeted with a Wyrm Priest and some more Kobolds featuring a Goblin named Irontooth who wielded two axes.

Immediately, Valna cast a spell that reduced the damage that he would do, but it was still a hard fought battle. The Kobolds were quite shifty but eventually they were killed. During the altercation, Kerberos was knocked unconscious.Fortunately, he woke up rather quickly and proceeded to take revenge on the other enemies. Irontooth proved that his name should have been “Coppertooth” or some lesser metal when he didn’t do too well attacking anybody. Party emerged victorious slaying all the kobolds.

Searching around, they were able to find treasure and a note off of Irontooth’s body that warned of Kalarel’s plot and a spy in the town. With this information, the Syndicate headed straight to town.



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