Squaretangle Syndicate

Chaka Accuses Every Single NPC and Many Insight Checks Are Rolled

As the Syndicate entered the town, Chaka was arguing the virtues of telling anybody about the spy. Kerberos argued with him vehemently as they entered Lord Padraig’s estate. Lord Padraig was happy to see them and threw a bag of gold their way. The Syndicate took it and then questioned him about Kalarel and the Orkus cult. Chaka distrusted Lord Padraig and watched him carefully. Despite that, he found nothing to accuse Padraig and Chaka decided that it must be Valthrun that is the spy. Padraig defended Valthrun but he was thankful for the Syndicate telling him of the spy. Chaka continued to talk badly and Kerberos dragged Chaka out of the Lord’s dining hall.

Once that was over, They proceeded to Valthrun’s tower to see what he may know. As The Syndicate entered, Valthrun excitedly met them and began to tell the history of the mirror. Apparently , the mirror was supposed to help Kalarel open the rift at Shadowfell keep outside of town to allow Orkus to come into the world once again. With that, the Syndicate also showed him the note they found about the spy. Valthrun had no idea who the spy could be, but they were told they should head to Shadowfell keep.

Chaka watched Valthrun closely but still could not see anything wrong with him. The Syndicate thanked Valthrun and stopped by the shop to buy health potions. Then, They visited the inn and talked to Sylvana, the innkeeper, about any suspicious persons. She talked about Ninaran and that she had left this morning. The group then went on a search for Ninaran that ranged from the inn to the gates, then the barracks, then back to the gates. They could not find her. And decided it was best to head to Shadowfell Keep



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